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All-in-one grinder and Filler

All-in-one grinder and Filler

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Say goodbye to the hassle of rolling and welcome the All-in-one Grinder and Filler into your life. In just 30 seconds, this portable roller will grind and pack your perfect and consistent roll, making it an absolute must-have for any weed or herb enthusiast. With a magnetically sealed lid, your pre-rolled cone will stay fresh and odorless. Why go through the painstaking process when you can have a quick and effortless solution?.

  • Premium Polycarbonate for effortless shredding
  • Magnetically Sealed Lid
  • Hold 1-6 pre-rolled cone tube
  • Triple Polished & Scratch Resistant
  • Transparent Design lets you see the process from start to finish
  • Storage with tight closure for freshness and odor control
  • Includes Packer to assist with filling cones and cleaning grinder
  • The portable size fits in most pockets, 1.6″ x 5.0″
  • Inclued Ninja cleaning Tool and Packing Tool

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